Thursday, 18 July 2013

artists and thinkers tell us what they think about the idea of SUN

"...brilliant, broad in philosophical scope and exactly what I would expect from NAS - plus it sounds like a wonderful scenario for a three act opera, by the way - and I think you should seriously consider that."

- Daniel Somerville, performance artist & lecturer


"I am very curious to discover what NAS will make here, with jangling expectations based on a meeting between writing that is non-naturalistic (hurrah for abstract passionate detailed imagining!) and the space that is the church and what that conjures. I'd want as much care placed in making the event of how we congregate in the space before during and after as in the presentation of the plays themselves. I'm also very interested to discover what other relationships and collaborations can be made between the process of making this work, the church, and the surrounding local community and possibly artistic. Might you also curate events that open out the themes of the work into discussion where they meet those communities? How much can you live up to the name of National Art Service?!?" 

- Tassos Stevens, Coney


"I think the ideas for the shows sound raw, dangerous and beautiful and for some reason conjures images that resemble a Lynch film combined with a child's drawing."

- Jake Sharp, actor


"This sounds very intriguing... I am an AVID fan of anything to do with the future.

SUN made me think of the Tarkovsky film with a different name; being an Eastern European I find this stuff very culturally embedded in the West. Perhaps doomsday is less of a playful concept in a country like Romania that's always in transition and on the brink of something; I am very interested in this cultural lineage and the whole problem of risk/threat as it's interpreted in this kind of work. Also, there's the somewhat creepy religious implications and they're always fun.

CO: I like the retelling of dreams here and its purpose; very theatrically playful. Presumably a play on reality here too? Something about the voyeur and perspective and finding common denominator intrigues me.

SUN. I love the idea of finding playscripts instead of bodies; it strikes me the narrative for the first two is somewhat cinematic- it works in bursts of playful metaphor; whereas here you're playing with something different, which changes the tone of the whole thing."

- Diana Damian
performance critic, curator and dramaturg

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