Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Casting call for SUN - CLOSED

Award winning international arts collective is looking for performers for their next show, SUN, a trilogy of short plays running in Shoreditch from late January to end of February 2014.

We are looking for open-minded, passionate performers to work with us in realising a very ambitious project with an incredible production team.

This is paid work: National Minimum Wage
Rehearsals will run from 6th - 28th January. 
Performance dates are 1st - 28th Feb (TBC)

Our work is often experimental, occasionally structured in ways that are atypical, informed just as much by Performance Arts and John Cage as it might be by Brook or Grotowski. Past rehearsals have involved musical instruments, midnight jaunts to royal parks, sitting around candles in dark rooms and at least one occasion of a line run in a pub.

We believe that making work (however dark or serious the themes) should be an enjoyable, fulfilling, learning process...potentially with a lot of useful mistakes along the way. We're looking for performers who are good to work with, who are switched on and engaged and more committed to a show than themselves.

Our casting process will be two-fold: 20 minute meetings with prospective performers, and then a series of rehearsed readings beginning quite soon.

The Show
3 short plays that imagine in abstract, passionate detail the descent, end, and new beginnings of civilised life on Earth.
Together they ask, what would we preserve of current society and what would we prefer to bury? What is nature and what is nurture? Why is culture obsessed with catastrophe and when it comes, what do we do? How will we be remembered by future generations?

SUN will be performed in a church, traditionally spaces of refuge, sanctuary and spirituality. Spirituality, taken by us to mean the search for what is sacred, the search for meaning in the face of mortality, is central to the trilogy. We'll be working with a brilliant Lighting Designer currently in-house at the ENO and a Sound Designer fresh from touring with Robert LePage.

CO - Today. Four friends meet for dinner. They've separately had the same dreams, which they help each other retell. The dreams reveal their secrets, yearnings, fears. There are good dreams, and bad dreams. Just when they’re getting going, outside the end begins. Fire and ash, dinosaurs, hurricanes, volcanoes, cliches. Jesus and Buddha walk by. A child looks for his mother. They find a bird’s nest with tiny eggs in it, just hatching…

I Know This Love Of Mine – Tomorrow. On a blasted hillside, having fled the city, two strangers talk to stay awake, to keep warm. They come to love each other. The sunset is blue; they begin to freeze. The stars come out. They’ve both stolen love letters from the dead, which they read for each other. They know they are going to die. They sing.

SUN – Years from now. Food is scarce, the world is a wasteland. Attempting to start anew, we follow a search party looking for sustenance. They find the two lovers on a hill, now idolised as Gods. But close up they're people, frozen: fresh meat they decide to eat. But first they search the bodies, they find play scripts. They begin to act out the scene, the dead begin to rise...

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