Wednesday, 11 September 2013

script development, reading 5/5 - casting, 1/2

QUISS:          Maggots.
FREYA:          Burn anything. Your clothes. The paper. The letters. The violin. The children. The book. The skin. The fire.
OMEGA:          I would like to have flown in a plane. Above an auction.

QUISS:          Maggots.

present: anna freeman, alan fielden, sophie grodin, lydia orange, luke shepherd, andrew earl, anisha fields, robin hatton-gore, john hastings, jemima yong, ross sutherland, rik stern, jack mcmahon, jim murray-perton, pernilla holland, andrea de la cruz barral, oyinka yusuff

special thanks to jerry deeks and brady arts centre


"...illuminating & enjoyable. I admire your capacity to create something new from scratch, develop it collectively and openly, & the passion & enthusiasm with which you inhabit your work."

- Robin Hatton-Gore, St Leonard's Church

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