Saturday, 7 September 2013

Overheard at Casting - Weekend TWO

"He always seemed happy but there was no reason to be so. He grew older and was surrounded by nothing; he didn't cultivate his surroundings."

"Every time I look at spatulas with a smiley face on it, I just freak out."

"You may call him a fool because he lives all alone on a hillside."

"This is for you dear, you might need it... obviously she slapped me."

"Sam's worst nightmare is to wake up in the body of a frog."

"Everyone is born for a purpose, my purpose is to kill people. I've killed my parents and my brother with this [the wooden spoon with a smiley face on it]."

"Today is not a good day, today I feel like fucking shit."

"This is what the savages called 'a blade', we don't need it anymore, we just use our eyes and our thoughts now."

"Alice used to tie herself up to prepare herself for old age."

"I wanted to gorge her eyes out, not his. But that's wrong. I should gorge his eyes out."

"Funerals... they are like chilli sauce on your wounds."

"Jail of children"

"If you hear some strange jumping and shouting, it's just some desperate thespian trying to get work." 

-"It doesn't make any sense"
- "It doesn't need to make any sense"

"Smoke wasn't the commodity it is now, but it was beginning to become scarce at the time. The group called 'the smokers', they were dwindling." 

"As you can see, this watch is missing a face. Someone is also missing a face"

"Is someone's envy were to drop, they would be injected with a solution of vinegar, tabasco and crack."

"It was the perfect chance to bond! 'You haven't got a job, I haven't got a job... What are you doing tomorrow? Because I've certainly got nothing on."


Special thanks to our guests on the panel: Bella Lyster, Claudia Jefferies & Sophie Grodin

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