Monday, 28 October 2013

a rehearsed reading

image from 'the medium is the massage by Marshall McLuhan & Quentin Fiore

we are knee deep in preparation for our rehearsed reading of the finished play (as finished as a text can be before it launches into production). this is the first 'public' event the company is holding as part of SUN's process. we have invited selected representatives from the local community, the performance and theatre industry as well as potential investors to the event. we've got some really exciting people attending! i've never had this many emails in such a short space of time.

National Art Service is hoping to begin some conversations about collaborating from here. we are looking for a big producer to help us out (operative word here is 'big' - i.e. way more experience and insight than us) as well as some financial support for various aspects of the project including our Young Person's Ticket Scheme and Living Room Theatre performance series...

it was brought to our attention recently that Canary Wharf is in the borough of Tower Hamlets. This is great news. great, great, news.

here are a couple of images of the company in rehearsal. special thanks to Usther & Aulad from St. Hilda's East Community Centre and Jerry Deeks & Hedayet from Brady Arts Centre.

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