Saturday, 26 October 2013

production team get together

"I think the best way is actually to stick it in through the side, and pull it out through the windpipe otherwise it's very slow and painful."


before we begin rehearsals for our staged reading of SUN, we brought together our crew to read the finished script SUN. the church smelt heavily of frankincense. Rev Paul told us that every Saturday evening before mass, he burns a lot of it, so there's just enough lingering in the air for the morning. on Monday, the BBC move into St. Leonard's for 3 weeks of filming (clue: it's a show about a London reverend). As a result, National Art Service will be skipping around the area, rehearsing in any quiet space we can find. if you know of a space (coffee shop & office after hours, community centre, church hall, classroom...etc) that would be happy to host us (in kind) for an evening this week, contact Jemima at jemima[at]nationalartservice[dot]org[dot]uk.


in attendance: ziggy jacobs, jemima yong, alan fielden, fab gorjian, richard stern, luke shepherd, isabel lyster, annabelle stapleton-crittenden, natalie raaum, daniel somerville

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